Lake Effect Communications

Lake Effect Communications

Why Lake Effect?

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     Anyone in the vicinity of a Lake Michigan weather report has become familiar with "cooler near the lake, warmer near the lake" — lake effect.

     At Lake Effect Communications, LLC, active since 1985, we respond with market-focused services required by organizations in our own sizable metropolitan area as well as firms headquartered in other U.S. areas.

     This region — extending from Milwaukee, WI through Chicago and Northwest Indiana to South Bend — daily provides goods and services to the world.

     We have universities, cultural institutions and business enterprises constantly invigorated by the flow of intellectual capital and by the fresh spirit of new residents from all parts of the world.

     We wake up each day to different configurations of talent and opportunity.

     So Lake Effect Communications, LLC's approach, like the weather along our lake, is variable, always responsive to the realities of each client's hopes.

Public relations in your plans
     While you are examining Lake Effect Communications as a provider of public relations services, you may be examining public relations as a contributor to the accomplishment of your own plans.

     A decade ago, two decades ago, public relations was a way for companies to make sure the market became aware of them.  Today, the need can seem met by the avalanche of notes flowing toward all of us in social media, forwarded links and email.
     But the need for communication – through effective means at proper costs – remains.  Companies and organizations require impact and market interaction rather than an abundance of outflow.

     As a result, a communicator’s part in a company’s success is a role blended with strategy and marketing.  In this time, and at all times, communication that influences emerges from the logic of a properly managed company meeting the needs of intended customers. 

     Let’s continue the discussion: Tom Figel, 312-223-9536.